Hugo and Gayne Preller-s House of Light

Hugo and Gayne Preller’s House of Light is a photographic odyssey that begins as we join Hugo and Gayne Preller on an adventure down the Mississippi River in a floating photography studio. From the moment they met, Hugo and Gayne were kindred spirits; both yearned for adventure, and river life offered glimpses of the flourishing American frontier. Many people are moved by the story of the couple’s bond and their unconventional lives as wandering artists, but the photographs they produced are equally compelling. Hugo’s desire to document his surroundings and Gayne’s ability to put her sitters at ease combined to create a unique visual narrative. Over the course of their lifetimes, Hugo and Gayne Preller made more than 2,400 photographs, artworks, and artifacts. Historic Arkansas Museum is delighted to display a portion of the Preller Collection, and to share an authentic glimpse into life in the Delta around the turn of the century.