Permanent Collections


Since its opening in 1990, the Delta Cultural Center has collected items for its permanent collection. In the beginning of the institution, the focus was artifacts that could help tell the story of the Arkansas Delta in the very first exhibit that was located in the Depot. Today, the museum artifacts number in the thousands. The permanent collection has grown through donations and purchases. The Delta Cultural Center has been fortunate to have received large gifts of both real estate property and collections of objects from families of the Arkansas Delta. Purchases of blues music related items have been added to help tell that important story, and recently Civil War and Battle of Helena artifacts have been added to the collection.

Do you have something you’d like to donate?

The Delta Cultural Center has relied on the kindness of donors since it was founded. If you have something you’d like to donate, we’d like you to take a minute to read our mission statement below. It will help you better understand our collecting focus.

Here are some things that we collect:

  • Artifacts associated with the heritage of the people that have or are settled in the 27 counties of Eastern Arkansas, that make up the Arkansas Delta
  • Artifacts associated with American blues music, especially those connected with the blues artists from Eastern Arkansas
  • Artifacts associated with the American Civil War, especially those connected with the Battle of Helena, and any other information or artifact connected with the Civil War in Arkansas.
  • Artifacts associated with agriculture and industry that have flourished in the Eastern Arkansas Delta region
  • Artifacts that are from, or have a connection to Helena, Arkansas.