Museum Programs Types (45-60 minutes)

This is the list of various programs Old State House Museum offers for schools and education organizations for field trips. For more information, contact the education director.

Arkansas Art Pottery

Grades 5-12
Learn about our state’s art pottery makers, including Camark, Niloak and Ouachita.

Arkansas & the U.S. - Mexican War

Grades 4-12
Learn about this little-known conflict from 1846-1848 that ended up nearly doubling the size of the United States.

Buttons Up! Political Imagery Through Campaign Buttons

Grades 4-9
Students will learn about the impact of political imagery as they study U.S. Presidential campaign buttons from the museum’s teaching collection.

children and adult looking at exhibits in glass cases

Civil War in Arkansas

Grades 4-12
Learn about day-to-day conditions soldiers endured by examining their clothing, supplies and other interesting gadgets.

Civil War Flag Program

Grades K-6
Study the significance and meaning of flags used during the U.S. Civil War. See original and reproduction flags carried by Arkansas units.

Lights! Camera! Arkansas!

Grades 2-12
Explore the history of Arkansas’s films and filmmakers.


Native American Arts

Grades K-10
See the extraordinary effigy pots and vessels made by prehistoric Arkansans.

19th Century Historic Arts

Grades 4-10Many of the hobbies that people enjoy today are in fact several centuries old and were once popular pastimes for women and children during the 19th century. Explore activities like paper filigree and shell craft.

Quilts by Black Arkansans

Grades 5-8 
Discover the history of Arkansas quilt making and learn about the Museum’s collection of quilts made by Black Arkansans. Educators can choose the program focus on art, history, or math.


Grades 5-12
Learn about the 19th Amendment and how Arkansas women achieved the right to vote in 1917.

Wilderness Arkansas

Grades K-5
Explore the themes of commerce, trade, technology and travel as you and your students visit with a territorial character and learn about Arkansas life during the early 1800s.

World War I and Arkansas

Grades 5-12
Discover how Arkansans of all ages played an important part on the home front and overseas during the Great War.

Living History Characters

Living History characters can be incorporated into museum tours. Characters vary based on staff availability, but include:

  •  Arkansas First Lady
  •  Arkansas Governor
  •  Arkansas Suffragist
  •  19th Century Teacher
  •  19th Century Politician
  •  20th Century Politician
  •  Civil War Character
  •  U.S.-Mexican War Character
  •  World War I Character

Loan Boxes

Loan Boxes are available for check-out for 1-3 weeks. Call our Education Director for more information. Box themes include:

  •  Arkansas & the U.S.-Mexican War
  •  Civil War in Arkansas
  •  19th Century Clothing
  •  19th Century Games
  •  Wilderness Arkansas
  •  World War I