Blytheville Kream Kastle smoking butts by Kat Robinson

Arkansas Food Hall of Fame

Nominations are closed for the 2024 Arkansas Food Hall of Fame.

Bald Knob Bulldog Restaurant Pork BBQ Sandwich with Slaw by Kat Robinson

Updates to the Program

This year, the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame nomination period will run through February, giving you plenty of time to get your nominations in. More information on the 2024 ceremony will be announced soon. In the meantime, get out there and get your grub on! 


Food of the Year

They’re served sweet or savory and always sure to be found in Southern dishes – the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame’s 2023 Food of the Year is pecans.

Pecans are grown all over Arkansas, with most of the state's pecans coming from Central, Eastern and Southern Arkansas. No matter how Arkansas restaurants and chefs are working up the latest spin on a pecan-based dish, your tastebuds and tummies are sure to be satisfied. 

Pecan Pies, Brittles, Pecan Sandies, Snowball Cookies, Candied Pecans, Granolas, Pecan Salads, Nutty Green Beans, Cheese Balls, Sweet Potato Casseroles, Bourbon Balls, Turtles, Butter Pecans, Chess Pies, Pralines, Punch Bowl Cakes, Streusels and Cheesecakes... whew, let's take a quick break for lunch! You pick the place, so long as there are gonna be pecans! 


Pecans AFHOF

Sit at Our Table

The Arkansas Food Hall of Fame is your ticket to chow down and experience Arkansas’s finest dining experiences, restaurateurs, food festivals and more.

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Little Rock Honey Pies Cinnamon Roll by Kat Robinson

Serving the Story

Arkansas is a melting pot of cultures and flavors. The Arkansas Food Hall of Fame honors the chefs, restaurants, festivals and entrepreneurs keeping flavor in the heart of Arkansas. Pull up a chair, grab a napkin and dive into Arkansas’s most mouthwatering eats.