Graves Of Arkansas Governors


The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program has completed a project to document all of our state’s governors' grave-sites. On this page we are providing information on their locations as well as pictures and descriptions of the grave-sites as documented by our staff in early 2019. To our knowledge this is the first time that a comprehensive record has been created cataloging the graves of Arkansas Governors.

We want to spotlight these governors' grave-sites so the public can see them, be inspired to learn about our past governors, and get involved to make sure these sites are protected and preserved for future generations. The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program is an advocate for cemetery and gravestone preservation through our Cemetery Preservation Program.  

The spreadsheet below includes links to online biographical sources of information for each governor, and the map below indicates the cemetery locations for all of the known burial sites of Arkansas's former governors.

To locate the grave-site of the governors, acting governors, and territorial governors of Arkansas on the map below, please click the menu icon at the top left corner of the map.  Clicking on a governor's name in the menu list will highlight the grave-site location on the map.

While our historian visited and documented these cemeteries, as it is with all technology, the exact GPS location may be off depending on your device. The map below should be used as a guide and users may find better results by putting the address into their GPS or mapping app.

Map Color Key:
Blue = Territorial governor
Red = Elected governor
Purple = Appointed/acting governor