Current Exhibits


The Delta Cultural Center provides visitors with changing exhibits which expand on the topics stated in our mission. Changing exhibits rotate on a regular basis with new and fresh exhibits every 1 to 6 months. Exhibits vary from modern art and photography to historical artifacts. Many changing exhibits are developed by Center Staff while others are traveling exhibits created by outside organizations.

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1920 Election Year

In celebration of the centennial of the Women's Movement, as well as the controversial election of 1920, an original exhibit put up by the Delta Cultural Center's (DCC) curator, Drew Ulrich, is on display.  “1920: An Exceptional Election Year,” opened on February 14, and will be up through February 27. 2021.  Located at 141 Cherry Street in historic downtown Helena, Ark., the Center's hours of operation are Tuesdays through Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Admission is free.

In 1920, with signing of the 19th Amendment into law, the Women’s Suffrage Movement finally won the hard fought battle which allowed women to cast their vote for the first time. As difficult as the times might have been, this was also the year when the first black man-- Josiah Blount, a Republican from Forrest City, Ark., ran for the Governor’s seat—the highest office in the State. It was one of the State’s most contested elections. 

It was an unprecedented election year when mainstream GOP members championed women's entry onto the political landscape while they also began to turn their backs on black members of the party. The exhibit pays homage to these two very significant events in Arkansas Delta history. 

Photo: Commissioned by the Delta Cultural Center, this painting, by Arkansas Artist, Danny Broadway, is featured in the Center’s upcoming exhibition, “1920: An Exceptional Election Year.”The artist (left) with State Rep. Chris Richey, unveiled the work during the DCC’s recent celebration of the Women’s Suffragist Movement. Drew Ulrich, DCC curator (far right) looks on.