Blues Artwork


Since 1990, the Delta Cultural Center has served as home to a Blues Artwork collection. The King Biscuit Blues Festival hosts a yearly competition where the artwork is selected for the annual poster. The image is then distributed as a poster, tshirt or other merchandise to commemorate the event. The original artwork is then given to the Delta Cultural Center. The Center is proud to provide a safe and permanent home for the Blues Artwork. The Center only maintains the original artwork and is not responsible for the annual competition. The Center's Blues Artwork collection can be viewed below.

man in blue jacket playing guitar
Douglas McNeil, 1993
man eating food and flags behind him, crown above
Ratt Smith, 1996
art of musical instruments and blue hands
Cheryl Moore, 1998
man holding instrument and covering mouth
Brian Ward, 2000
art of buttons with emblems
Brian Ward, 2001
arkansas blues and man in hat with crown and guitar
Craven Barnard, 2005
man outside holding guitar with ivy
Cristen Craven Barnard, 2010
man playin guitar in green jacket
Rachel & Tom Turri, 2010
king biscuit shirt with guitar
Cristen Craven Barnard, 2011
people playing instruments with keyboard keys
Tom N. Hocott, 2012
man singing into microphone with tie and sunglasses
Harry Satenstein, 2013
man sitting down smoking and playing guitar
Rebecca Ann Edwards, 2014