Strategic Plan



MISSION: To Discover, Preserve and Present Arkansas’s cultural, historic and natural resources

VISION: Strengthening the social, cultural, educational and economic future of Arkansas through the state's historic, cultural, and natural resources


We practice responsible STEWARDSHIP.
We rely on RESEARCH and DATA.
We promote EDUCATION.
We advocate for CONSERVATION and PRESERVATION. We treat others with RESPECT.

Goal 1

Educate Arkansans about Arkanasas's cultural, historic and natural heritage.


DAH Goal 1 aligns with the following State of Arkansas Goals: Educate and Quality of Life

Measurable Objective 1: Enhance on-site and outreach programming to encourage more

participation in educational opportunities/attract new audiences.

Strategy 1: Cross-train staff to encourage collaboration and infuse new ideas into established programming.

Strategy 2: Conduct market research and surveys to gather public input on best strategies for engaging new audiences.

Measurable Objective 2: Connect Arkansans with the cultural affairs and heritage resources of the state at their convenience and through easily accessible formats.

Strategy 1: Increase information-sharing about events and tour sites throughout Arkansas with blog posts and social media.

Strategy 2: Promote the cultural affairs and heritage resources of the state online, in local communities, and at established state-owned sites.

Goal 2

Increase access to cultural, historic and natural heritage resources.


DAH Goal 2 aligns with the following State of Arkansas Goals: Educate, Healthy, Efficient and Responsive, and Quality of Life

Measurable Objective 1: Improve access to online databases and online collections.

Strategy 1: Make DAH websites easier to navigate/customer-friendly.

Strategy 2: Drive more traffic to DAH websites.

Strategy 3: Increase digitization efforts to improve availability of archival and other records.

Measurable Objective 2: Enhance access to physical locations (museums, archives and regionally-located archives, historic sites, and natural areas).

Strategy 1: Create printable tours with directions.
Strategy 2: Improve trails, signage and interpretation.
Strategy 3: Host themed special events to attract new audiences.

Measurable Objective 3: Make museums and other public venues more welcoming to all visitors (#inclusivearkansas).

Strategy 1: Develop programming/accommodations for specific/previously un-engaged groups.

Strategy 2: Invite specific/previously un-engaged groups to attend events.

Goal 3

Identify ways in which our work contributes to economic developmenta nd job creation in Arkansas, focus resources on these items, and educate Arkansans about these benefits.


DAH Goal 3 aligns with the following State of Arkansas Goals: Grow, Educate, Efficient and Responsive, and Quality of Life

Measurable Objective 1: Demonstrate to holders of heritage resources how to preserve and protect those resources, enhance those resources through interpretation and collaborate with other tourism resources to maximize return on investment.

Strategy 1: Create “how-to” manual for communities or individuals with an interest indeveloping heritage resources.

Strategy 2: Work with partners to create a training/apprenticeship program for skilled craftsman in historic preservation techniques.

Strategy 3: Demonstrate through survey and data collection in Arkansas and through general research the impact our work has on quality of life.

Strategy 4: Further develop new programs like Food Hall of Fame and Historic Marker programs to encourage tourist activity.

Measurable Objective 2: Promote Arkansas’s heritage resources through “Heritage Tours.”

Strategy 1: Work with partners to create maps (driving, motorcycle, walking, etc.) with themed narratives directing tourists interested in particular subjects (birding, battlefields, blues music, etc.).

Strategy 2: Measure #AuthenticArkansas Heritage Tourism efforts through online data collection and surveys.

Measurable Objective 3: Collect and share information about the value of historic preservation and cultural and natural resources as tools for economic development.

Strategy 1: Compile economic impact data/studies and disseminate information to key community leaders.

Strategy 2: Measure the impact of our work on community revitalization and job creation.

Goal 4

Implement efficiency measures to achieve cost-containment.


DAH Goal 4 aligns with the following State of Arkansas Goal: Efficient and Responsive Measurable Objective 1: Streamline internal operations within DAH.

Strategy 1: Reduce duplication of staff responsibilities to ensure proper staffing levelsand duplication of division responsibilities to avoid “mission creep.”

Strategy 2: Identify potential paperless processes.
Strategy 3: Document processes and compliance efforts to ease the burden of staff transition due to retirements, turnover, etc.

Measurable Objective 2: Manage shared vehicle pool (20 vehicles) to right-size the fleet across the department.

Strategy 1: Adopt shared online administration process for vehicle reservation and for managing vehicle maintenance.

Strategy 2: Monitor fleet usage to reduce under-used vehicles.