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Trapnall Hall, constructed in 1843 in the Greek Revival style of architecture, was once the home of Frederic and Martha Trapnall. The home’s architect is unknown, but it was one of the few brick houses in Little Rock at the time it was built.

The Trapnalls were a prominent family during their lifetime. Their namesake home went through a succession of owners and uses after passing out of the Trapnall family. To prevent the home from being torn down, Mrs. Charles Minor (Julia) Taylor purchased it in 1929 and donated it to the Junior League of Little Rock as a memorial to her late husband. In 1963, the Junior League sponsored a major restoration of Trapnall Hall led by the Cromwell Architecture Firm. After serving for many years as headquarters for the Junior League, the league donated half of the appraised value of Trapnall Hall to the state in 1976. Today, Trapnall Hall stands as the official receiving hall for the state’s governor, and can be rented by the public for special events.

Available for Rent

Trapnall Hall is a lovely and classic venue that can accommodate indoor and outdoor weddings, meetings, receptions, and photoshoots. In addition to street parking in downtown Little Rock and the nearby parking garages, Trapnall has on-site paved parking. There are hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment within walking distance from the facility making it truly a gem in the heart of downtown. 

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