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Fun activities for families that teach reading, history, math, engineering, and more. (More activities will be added regularly, so check back often!)

Website Art Finder

Search our collection and explore the Arkansas Made art and objects you find there. (Check in periodically for additional Art Finder activities.)

The Arkansas Traveler
Examine regional stereotypes, the power of music, and a story stretching from our state's earliest days to the present through this classic painting.

Pot Belly Stove
Take a "bird's eye view" of an old-time scene and use your imagination to bring it to life.

Five Senses
Experience a piece of artwork through all of your senses.

Additional Website Art Finder Sheets: Bike RidingCaddo Head PotC.C. Cook Cabinet CardChester AshleyFlood at Granny's, FriendshipJudge William Byers Family, LandscapeThe Steamboat Sultana,  The Chess GameTom, Gladys and PatsyWoman in the Yellow DressZinnias.

HAMily Quilt Project

Welcome to the #HAMily Quilt Project

During 2020, we hosted a virtual quilting bee. We asked you to use whatever craft supplies you had, make a square and illustrate your individual or family story, then scan or take a picture of your quilt square and email it to: [email protected]. Include a short (45 char.) description, if you like. During this period of social distancing, it was the perfect way to show that each of us are part of something bigger, and that community still exists, even six feet apart!

For more inspiration, check out the 144-year old quilt that inspired this project!

historic arkansas logo
#HAMily Quilt

Spring 2020

drawing of heart and mermaid
Mermaid Heart

by Dhani Stevenson

felt collage art
Abstract Felt Shapes

by Olivia Tucker, age 8

colored drawing of hearts and initials
Luke, Ellen, Henry, and Tess

by Ellen Korenblat

string and buttons
My Mother's Sewing Basket

by Barbara Hanley

drawing of arkansas state

by Luke Krammer

pattern drawing
Charlotte Keister
Abstract Painting

by Tess Kramer

striped drawing

by Victoria Chandler

star pattern
Quilted House

by Debbie Susky

collage of pictures
Family Quilt

by Casey Marshall


by Jacob Stevenson, age 8

black and white pattern
Goose in the Pond

Classic Quilt Pattern

drawing of snakes
Broadmoor Lake
colored squares with names written on them

by Joleen Linson

drawing of heart and birds
The Chandlers

by Victoria Chandler

verbiage and images with arrows

Ayoka Boaitey: The chain represents slavery which is where we started in the US. The arrow is showing change and progress between the different time periods. The bird is a crow which is a metaphor for jim crow. After that, there is an image there of a ...

pause image

Karama Neal: Whether we are paused (by not working at all or by the different routine of working from home) or working at a fast forward pace (for essential workers and relationship building), during this green and unusual spring, love is and always ...

moon and arkansas drawing

This square represents the Mike Parsley family of Pulaski County. It depicts our farm name, “The Moontower”, named by our grown children, Will & Molly, and known by all their friends as the place all could gather, hang out, and feel safe..