201812 Space Between Teeth- Linda Lopez + Marc Mitchell

Linda Lopez has a super power: she knows how to see beyond reality, into a world where inanimate objects are alive, and nothing is exactly as it seems. In order to see things in ‘Linda-vision,’ we must consciously un-learn our habitual ways of looking at and categorizing the world. Her abstract sculptures give life to domestic objects – plants, rugs, piles of clothes – the mundane materials of daily life that many of us take for granted. While there is no literal translation, a playful lump might be the strange silhouette of a pile of objects on a table. Nets are good for catching feelings or emotions, and a plump dust furry could represent the passage of time and the accumulation of detritus. Lopez’s relationship to objects in her sculptural world is empathetic; she projects their lives and experiences into both the past and the future.

When you see Marc Mitchell’s paintings in photographs or from a distance, they look slick, glossy, digital, and perfect – entirely ‘of the now.’ But encounter one of his artworks in person, and they reveal themselves as almost completely analog in process. Marc seamlessly blends the past and the present, creating a Mobius strip of historical references and pop culture trends: gritty Xerox smudges, custom guitar shapes, hair metal bands, and dizzying dazzle camouflage all influence the look of his work. Mitchell asserts that trends in both fine art and pop culture are cyclical, so ideas that were formerly cutting-edge often fall out of favor, only to find an enthusiastic new audience generations hence. This approach allows for sampling and remixing elements from the past to create new forms. Marc Mitchell earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tampa in Florida and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Boston University. He currently serves a dual appointment as Curator and Director of Exhibitions and Associate Professor of Art for University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

The exhibit continues in the Trinity Gallery for Arkansas Artists through November 4, 2018.