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Within the System of Natural Areas are sites that represent some of the best, and last, remaining examples of the state’s original natural landscape. Natural areas are special places that protect rare natural communities and provide vital habitat for a host of plant and animal species, some of which are considered to be rare, threatened, or endangered. Locate one of our 79 natural areas below.


Wittsburg Natural Area

Wittsburg Natural Area
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As a representative example of southern Crowley’s Ridge, where the Tertiary sands and gravels remain capped with loess, Wittsburg Natural Area preserves a mixed mesophytic forest that contains interesting plant species not represented elsewhere in the System of Natural Areas. For example, the natural distributions in Arkansas of tulip tree and pennywort are limited to Crowley's Ridge and both plant species occur in Wittsburg Natural Area. American beech and sugar maple are common as well. The natural area also includes almost the entire watershed for a small network of intermittent streams. The topography is deeply dissected and the upper slopes are extremely steep.


There is no public access to this natural area.


Wittsburg Natural Area is open to deer hunting (bow only). It is not advertised in the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Hunting Guidebook because the area has no legal public access. With permission from neighboring landowners, the property can be accessed by foot traffic only. We do not retain ownership records for our neighbors.