Native Plants

A native plant is one that occurs naturally in a particular region, ecosystem, or habitat without direct or indirect human intervention. The plants present at the time Europeans arrived in North America are considered native to Arkansas.
Photo by Dustin Lynch
American beautyberry by D. Lynch
blue wild indigo, Levi Horrell
Blue False Indigo by L. Horrell
Buttonbush and butterflies, photo by Samantha Scheiman
Buttonbush by S. Scheiman
dotted beebalm Eric Hunt
Dotted beebalm by E. Hunt
Four leaf milkweed Eric Hunt
Four-leaf milkweed by E. Hunt
Indian pink Dustin Lynch
Indian pink by D. Lynch
Ohio spiderwort Leslie Patrick
Ohio spiderwort by L. Patrick
Partridge pea Leslie Patrick
Partridge pea by L. Patrick
Purple passionflower Leslie Patrick
Purple-passion flower by L. Patrick
Sensitive brier Ruthie Berryhill
Sensitive brier by R. Berryhill
Smooth phlox Emily Roberts
Smooth phlox by E. Roberts
Texas greeneyes Leslie Patrick
Texas greeneyes by L. Patrick
wild petunia Dustin Lynch
Wild petunia by D. Lynch
Ashy sunflower variegated fritillary Samantha Scheiman
Ashy sunflower by S. Scheiman
blue-waterleaf Samantha Scheiman
Blue waterleaf by S. Scheiman
Cardinal Flower Dustin Lynch
Cardinal flower by D. Lynch
Dwarf crested iris Emily Roberts
Dwarf crested iris by E. Roberts
Gray-head coneflower Jennifer Akin
Gray-head coneflower by J. Akin
May-apple Emily Roberts
Mayapple by E. Roberts
Ouachita blazing-star Jennifer Akin
Ouachita blazing star by J. Akin
Pinewoods-lily Brent Baker
Pinewoods lily by B. Baker
Purple prairie-clover Dustin Lynch
Purple prairie clover by D. Lynch
Shooting star Samantha Scheiman
Shooting-star by S. Scheiman
Stern's medlar flowers ANHC staff
Stern's medlar by ANHC staff
white milkweed David Arbour
White milkweed by D. Arbour
Witch Hazel
Witch hazel by S. Scheiman
Big Bluestem
Big bluestem by ANHC staff
blue-eyed grass Emily Roberts
Blue-eyed grass by E. Roberts
Carolina rose Leslie Patrick
Carolina rose by L. Patrick
Eastern bluestar by E. Hunt
Great blue lobelia by Eric Hunt
Great blue lobelia by E. Hunt
Net-leaf leather-flower Brent Baker
Net-leaf leather-flower by B. Baker
Ozark trillium Leslie Patrick
Ozark trillium by L. Patrick
prairie gayfeather Emily Roberts
Prairie gayfeather by E. Roberts
Rattlesnake master
Rattlesnake master by ANHC staff
Silky aster Leslie Patrick
Silky aster by L. Patrick
Sundew Leslie Patrick
Sundew by L. Patrick
White swamp milkweed Brent Baker
White swamp milkweed by B.Baker
Wood betony by Theo Witsell
Wood betony by T. Witsell
Bird's foot violet by E. Hunt
Butterfly milkweed
Butterfly milkweed by T. Witsell
compass plant Dustin Lynch
Compass plant by D. Lynch
By Brent Baker Eastern-sandhill evening-primrose
E. sandhill evening-primrose by B. Baker
Indian paintbrush Leslie Patrick
Indian paintbrush by L. Patrick
Ozark spiderwort Brent Baker
Ohio spiderwort by B. Baker
Pale purple coneflower Ruthie Berryhill
Pale purple coneflower R.Berryhill
Purple milkweed
Purple milkweed by ANHC staff
Sampson's snakeroot Leslie Patrick
Sampson's snakeroot by L. Patrick
Slender Mountain Mint Eric Hunt
Slender mountain mint by E. Hunt
Tall green milkweed Witsell
Tall green milkweed by T. Witsell
White wand beardtongue Jennifer Akin
White wand beardtongue J. Akin
Woolly ragwort by Jennifer Akin
Woolly ragwort by J. Akin