Become A Natural Area Steward

Arkansas's natural areas encompass a wide range of natural communities and protect a diverse array of species. Environmental stewardship is the process of managing these areas to ensure that they are conserved for current and future generations.

Everyone has their own definition of what stewardship means to them. Stewardship often evokes a sense of personal responsibility for ensuring that natural resources are managed not only for our own quality of life, but for future generations as well. Through an exciting new initiative, you can participate in the stewardship of Arkansas's System of Natural Areas.

The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission (ANHC) has partnered with the William J. Clinton Presidential Center to form a Land Stewardship Program. This program provides an opportunity for you to become actively engaged in the conservation of native species and habitats through charitable contributions. This program is part of the Clinton Presidential Center support of environmental education and outreach efforts. The Land Stewardship Program promotes charitable donations to support habitat conservation. As a Natural Area Steward, you will support the long-term management of land and water to sustain Arkansas's natural heritage resources.


Recognition Of Donors

Donors of less than $100 will:

  • Receive a recognition certificate for their general donation to the Land Stewardship Program to protect the natural heritage of Arkansas.
  • Be recognized as a Natural Area Steward on the ANHC website.

All donors who make donations of greater than $100 will:

  • Receive a special recognition certificate listing the number of natural area acres they are supporting through their donation to the Land Stewardship Program to protect the natural heritage of Arkansas (donors will be recognized as stewards of one acre for each $100 received)
  • Be recognized as a Natural Area Steward on the ANHC website.

Donors that make unrestricted donations of $5,000 or more can also, if they wish:

  • Select a particular Natural Area for which to be recognized as a steward.
  • Receive a map showing the specific location of the acres for which they have been named the honorary steward.

Habitat conservation donations can also be made in honor or in memory of someone. Honorary or Memorial donations can be accepted via postal mail or in person at our office in downtown Little Rock.

Natural Area Stewards

In Honor Of

  • Larry Ford by Laura Brown
  • Gina Herget by Richard Herget for her work as a member of the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
  • Jane Jones-Schulz by Chapter AK PEO Sisterhood
  • Leslie Patrick by Hot Springs Village Audubon Society
  • Cathy M. Rushing by Richard N. Rushing
  • Theo Witsell by Michael R. Haggie

In Memory Of

  • Jim H. Akin by ANHC staff
  • Joe Michael Bryant by Keith Cheney and Becky Morgan Cheney
  • Cleo H. Dark by William Dark and William Dark Photography
  • Carol A. Gregory by ANHC Staff
  • Dr. Dunn Jones by Bobby and Becky Williams
  • Nellie Woolbright by Stephen Sloan Thomas
  • Nellie Woolbright by Doug and Judy Blank
  • Nellie Woolbright by Cathy and Bob Ross
  • Nellie Woolbright by Dr. John I. and Joallen Moose
  • Nellie Louise Woolbright by Brietta and Mike Cleveland
  • Bob Spraggins by ANHC staff and the Department of Arkansas Heritage

General Donations

  • American Association of Zookeepers, Little Rock Chapter 2017 Annual Donation
  • American Association of Zookeepers, Little Rock Chapter, For protecting 2 acres of Grand Prairie Habitat (2008)
  • American Association of Zookeepers, Little Rock Chapter, For the Arkansas Box Turtle Survey (2007)
  • Daniel Keggin
  • Laura Humphrey
  • Michael Haggie
  • Michael Weatherford
  • Ruth Cook
  • TREC Center for Gifted Education, 2016 Fifth Grade Students of Tracy Smart and Jean Womack
  • Tyson-River Valley Animal Foods
  • Waide Aaron Riddle, For protecting 2 acres of Chesney Prairie Natural Area
  • William J. Clinton Foundation