ANHC Donors

In Honor Of

  • Larry Ford by Laura Brown
  • Gina Herget by Richard Herget for her work as a member of the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
  • Jane Jones-Schulz by Chapter AK PEO Sisterhood
  • Leslie Patrick by Hot Springs Village Audubon Society
  • Cathy M. Rushing by Richard N. Rushing
  • Theo Witsell by Michael R. Haggie



In Memory Of

  • Jim H. Akin by ANHC staff
  • Joe Michael Bryant by Keith Cheney and Becky Morgan Cheney
  • Cleo H. Dark by William Dark and William Dark Photography
  • Bay Fitzhugh by Roger and Debbie Bowman
  • Bay Fitzhugh by Taylor and Linda Eubank
  • Carol A. Gregory by ANHC Staff
  • Dr. Dunn Jones by Bobby and Becky Williams
  • Nellie Woolbright by Stephen Sloan Thomas
  • Nellie Woolbright by Doug and Judy Blank
  • Nellie Woolbright by Cathy and Bob Ross
  • Nellie Woolbright by Dr. John I. and Joallen Moose
  • Nellie Louise Woolbright by Brietta and Mike Cleveland
  • Bob Spraggins by ANHC staff and the Department of Arkansas Heritage


General Donations

  • American Association of Zookeepers, Little Rock Chapter 2017 Annual Donation
  • American Association of Zookeepers, Little Rock Chapter, For protecting 2 acres of Grand Prairie Habitat (2008)
  • American Association of Zookeepers, Little Rock Chapter, For the Arkansas Box Turtle Survey (2007)
  • Daniel Keggin
  • Laura Humphrey
  • Michael Haggie
  • Michael Weatherford
  • Ruth Cook
  • TREC Center for Gifted Education, 2016 Fifth Grade Students of Tracy Smart and Jean Womack
  • Tyson-River Valley Animal Foods
  • Waide Aaron Riddle, For protecting 2 acres of Chesney Prairie Natural Area
  • William J. Clinton Foundation