Advancing Science-Based Conservation

The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission (ANHC) focuses on science-based conservation to protect our state’s biological diversity.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve natural diversity, to promote choice among beneficial uses of the environment, and to promote a balance between development and environmental protection in the State of Arkansas for this and succeeding generations.

Our Vision

We provide data to organizations and individuals involved with Arkansas conservation efforts, economic development, scientific research and education.

About Us

As the central repository for data on rare plants and animals and natural communities in Arkansas, we work to provide up-to-date information for sound and timely conservation decisions. Our System of Natural Areas provides long-term protection to some of the state’s most ecologically significant lands. Through outreach and education programs we strive to deepen the ecological literacy of Arkansans. These efforts, combined with an array of conservation partnerships, are all aimed at ensuring that Arkansas’s biological diversity and natural heritage are not lost.


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