How To Get A Property Listed

The first step in having an Arkansas property listed in the National Register of Historic Places is completion of a Determination of Eligibility form. The AHPP requests information and photographs regarding the property so staff members can determine whether the property meets standards for National Register recognition. Download one of the Determination of Eligibility forms below.           
old storefront
Hampton Masonic Lodge
Seed Warehouse No. 5

If the property is found to be potentially eligible, you next complete the National Register form, which can be downloaded. The completed form will be presented to the AHPP's State Review Board, which meets three times annually. If the board nominates the property, the nomination is forwarded to the National Park Service for final determination of whether the property is eligible for inclusion in and listing in the National Register. 

A property (building, structure, object, or site) must be at least 50 years of age and retain as much of its original architectural design and materials as to properly reflect its period of significance. In addition, a property must be significant for one or more of the following criteria:

  1. association with a significant event or pattern of events in local, state, or national history;
  2. association with the lives of persons significant in our past whose contributions to local, state, or national history can be identified and documented;
  3. significant architectural design or method of construction;
  4. archaeological potential to yield information important in prehistory or history.

Artificial siding, when applied to a historic building, can affect its eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.   

plantation pump in field
A.M. Bohnert Rice Plant Pump
courthouse photo
Chicot County Courthouse

The Nomination Process

Below you will find an explanation of the National Register listing process as administrated by the AHPP.

I. Determination of Eligibility

The eligibility form outlines the information required by the AHPP staff to make a determination of eligibility (DOE). A DOE is the first step in considering a property for listing in the National Register. A thorough and accurate response to this outline will enable the AHPP staff to evaluate the potential eligibility of the property. Once the review is completed (usually within 30 days of receipt), a letter outlining the staff's determination will be mailed to you.

II. Site Visit

If your property is determined eligible, AHPP staff members will contact you to arrange a site visit to the property at a mutually convenient time. The site visit entails the AHPP staff completing color digital photography of the building and includes a documentation of the building's architectural features.

III. Nomination Form

After your property has been determined eligible and the site visit has been completed, you will be responsible for completing the National Register nomination form. To assist in this process, the AHPP staff provides two training sessions each year to answer questions and provide instructions on filling out the form. These sessions are held on the fourth Saturday of April and the second Saturday of September. Directions to the session location and a map will be provided to all who sign up for these sessions, which are free and open to the public. Constituents also have the option of hiring a contractor to complete their nomination form. A list of qualified contractors is available from the AHPP on request. After the completed nomination form is submitted to the AHPP, it will be edited and returned to you for corrections, if needed. When the National Register form is completed and corrected, the AHPP will notify you in writing and schedule the property for consideration at a future meeting of the State Review Board. All nominations must be completed and submitted six weeks before the next scheduled meeting of the State Review Board to be included in that meeting's agenda. They must also have the staff's approval. The National Register nomination form is available here on the website for your convenience. The AHPP recommends that you use it if possible, since it will streamline the process of correcting the form.

NOTE: On a very limited basis, the AHPP staff may be able, as time allows, to complete some constituent-generated National Register nominations. However, this will almost certainly result in a substantial delay in the completion of these projects.

IV. Presentation to the State Review Board

On acceptance of a completed nomination by the specified deadline, the staff will schedule the property for presentation to the State Review Board. The State Review Board is a governor-appointed group of eleven professionals that must approve the staff's recommendations before they can be forwarded to the National Register office in Washington, DC. The staff will prepare a short presentation (usually five to ten minutes in length) of the property for the State Review Board meeting. The applicant will receive a notification letter one to two months prior to the date of this meeting informing him/her of the location and approximate time of day that the property will be presented. Attendance by the applicant is encouraged but voluntary.

V. Preparation of Final Nomination Form and Listing

After approval by the State Review Board, the AHPP staff prepares the final nomination, including any changes requested by the board. The nomination is then forwarded to the National Register office of the National Park Service in Washington, DC. A determination will be made by their staff within 45 days of receipt of the nomination. Once official notification of listing is received, the AHPP will notify the applicant of the decision by letter. The AHPP can provide owners of listed properties with a certificate of listing that is signed by the governor and state historic preservation officer. The AHPP does not automatically provide plaques; however, information on ordering a plaque will be sent to the owner of the listed property along with the letter announcing the property's listing on the National Register.

If you have any questions regarding the National Register nomination process, please contact us.