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Melinda LaFevers
Arkansas Arts Council
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200 verlker lane, Searcy, Arkansas, 72143
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I believe that using a multi-intelligence, experiential, arts based approach is one of the most effective ways of teaching. My programs, "Life in a Castle" and "Life in a Log Cabin," use a combination of techniques designed with multi-intelligence and learning modalities in mind. I consult with teachers to determine any specific frameworks they would like me to include in my presentations. I offer teachers a wide variety of choices of what and how they would like their class to learn. Activities are designed to teach and/or reinforce cross curricular grade level frameworks and to help them go deeper into a better understanding of the time period in question.   Students are taught by demonstration, lecture, and hands-on participation. In addition to the "show and tell" portion of the programs, teachers may select from a variety of hands-on activities.  Both programs include some basic information about life in the selected time period, music, ballads, and stories. "Life in a Castle" show & tell includes clothing, armor, and more. Activity choices include spinning, weaving, paper-making, creating a journal, felting, dance and more. "Life in a Log Cabin," is a program suitable for studies on colonization, pioneers, westward expansion, or early Arkansas history. The Log Cabin show & tell includes Dutch ovens, general information on life, and other items of general interest.  Activity options include journal making, butter churning, soap making, rag dolls and other toys, stick weaving, and more. Participants in my workshops and programs will have a deeper understanding of life in the time period specified, learn about some of the basic skills used in that time period, and, hopefully, have a greater appreciation for life in the 21st century. I am also available for professional development workshops for instructors.
Melinda LaFevers is a published author, with a M.A. In Elementary Education, a B.A. In Speech Communications, and 40+ units in Early Childhood Education.   She continues to take workshops in teaching techniques, childhood development, and skills and knowledge improvement. Since 1982 she have been involved with historical re-enactment as a living historian. She has conducted workshops and demonstrations for school programs in both Arkansas and California for "Life in a Castle," and in Arkansas with "Life in a Log Cabin." She also works with school tours and programs as a volunteer at Searcy Pioneer Village, which is set in the late 1800s. As an Arkansas A+ Fellow, she is a facilitator/trainer for teachers of the schools who use the A+ methods of arts integrated curriculum. In addition to her school programs, she has developed two professional development workshops for teachers that use the themes of "Life in a Castle" and "Life in a Log Cabin" that show how hands-on activities and art can be integrated with curriculum and deepen understanding.
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all ages
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Depends on activities chosen. May need electrical access, hot water, and/or a chalk or White board.
Dance, Music, Crafts, Literature, Folk Arts, Humanities