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Heidi Pollan

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My chosen media are pencil drawings, watercolors, acrylics, and mixed media paintings. I first began in picture recreation of people, children, and pets. I developed from there, exploring our relationship with the natural world and constructing soulful connection through artistry.

I find that soulful connections occur most fully when we are moved to feel, whether that is sadness, anger, or joy. Connection is something we all long for and is the reason we get up every morning. I feel the most satisfaction and exhilaration when my artwork ex-cites emotions in others. Through the exploration of connection, I find birds to be a compelling subject.

Birds have a powerful way of connecting us together. They represent the ability to move past our limitations into a sphere of possibility. They are full of wonderment, their colors are glorious, their silky smooth wings able to repel water. Their ability to soar creates a similar desire in much of humanity. I want to take that innate natural connection, explore why we find them so beautiful, and capture it in a painting.