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Ekaterina Kouznetsova

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Ekaterina Kouznetsova was born in the Siberian mountains of the Altai region of Kazakhstan and lived in Russia until the age of seven. The next 20 years were formed living on the other side, and other end, of the world in Argentina.

Having studied linguistics and translation at IES en Lenguas Vivas in Buenos Aires, an international move to the prolific art scene of the United States changed her direction. As a self-taught painter, the styles and techniques of the old masters inspire Ekaterina’s art. Her forte is in the fine details she brings to life with oils, playing with light and a delicate palette of colors.

Naturally, her art has been shaped by the myriad landscapes and cityscapes around the globe. While many different cultures, peoples, architecture always stir Ekaterina’s soul, she also finds a certain peace in coming back to her roots.

Ekaterina’s works can be found at Red Door Gallery in North Little Rock.

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