Make A Donation

From its magnificent architecture to impressive artifacts and renowned education programs, the Old State House Museum exhibits Arkansas at its best. Donor commitment has made and continues to make a significant difference in engaging the minds of all ages in the stories of Arkansas's past. Supporting the Old State House Museum helps preserve an icon of our state's heritage for future generations.



Planned Giving

We also urge you to consider the Old State House Museum when planning your estate. The donation of artifacts as part of your estate is discussed on the following page. Other possible forms of gifts and bequests include the following:

Bequests and Revocable Trusts
These do not have the tax benefits of some other forms of bequests, but maintain your access to your assets if the need should arise.

Life Insurance and Annuity Policies
Giving life insurance and annuity policies can give you annual tax benefits and allow for a larger ultimate gift. This can often be done by amending the amount of an existing policy and making the Old State House Museum a contingent beneficiary.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
You may transfer money into such an irrevocable trust and take an income tax deduction. The trust would then provide you with a regular retirement income for the rest of your life, at which point the remaining assets would transfer to the museum.

Charitable Lead Trust
Under present law you can transfer assets that might otherwise be subject to estate taxes to an irrevocable trust that would make annual payments to the Old State House Museum. After a specified term or upon your death, the principle transfers to your heirs free of gift or estate taxes, or with those taxes greatly reduced.

You should consult an estate attorney, accountant, or financial planner for legal and financial advice about various giving strategies. The Old State House Museum will gladly provide any assistance necessary.