The Inauguration of Hope 

Commissioned by Doug Morton & Marilyn Brown of Denver, CO; this life size memorial to the historic inauguration of the first African American President, is to record and place into our American political landscape this transitional event that is destined to transform our country. It is composed of the President, the First Lady, the First Daughters, and Chief Justice John Roberts administering the Oath of Office. The life-size scale bronze memorial recreates the emotional moment when Supreme Court Justice John Roberts stood before President-elect Barack Obama, wife Michelle, and their two daughters(Sasha and Melia), to swear in Mr. Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.

The exhibit also includes 40 Years of Fortitude, which celebrates the participation of African Americans in the modern Arkansas General Assembly. This year, 2013,marks the 40th anniversary of the first three African American legislators to be sworn into the General Assembly in the modern era. These men—Jerry Jewell, Henry Wilkins III, William Townsend, and Richard Mays—all paved the way for the formation of the Arkansas Legislative Black Caucus, which has allowed African Americans and other minorities in the state to have a voice in our government.

About Ed Dwight
ED DWIGHT’s childhood dream was to become an artist, however, his life experiences really shaped him into the accomplished artist he is today. Ed’s company, Ed Dwight Studios, Inc., has developed into one of the largest single artist production and marketing facilities in the Western U.S. His innate ability to create life and breathe soul and mobility into his works provides viewers and collectors with a unique and spectacular work that involve both in the creative process.