Frequently Asked Questions
No, we are not a fraternal organization, and we are not related to the Masons. Read more about our history here
No, they are separate organization that works closely with us to preserve the history of the Mosaic Templars of America.
We are always collecting people's stories for use in future exhibits. To schedule an oral history interview, please contact us at 501-683-3593 or email us at [email protected].
Yes. We do have outreach programs for schools who are interested. Please visit the Education section for more information on our outreach programs.
No. A Knights Templar is a member of an order of Freemasonry conferring three orders in the York rite.
No. We tell all Arkansas African American History.
The collection has approximately 20,000 items including art, photographs, books, papers and textiles.
Anywhere in the State of Arkansas, and there is no charge.
Admission to the museum is free.
Yes. It is a museum of Arkansas's African American history.
Yes. For more information about renting the auditorium or for a copy of the rental policy, please contact 501-683-3593 or email us at [email protected].
We collect anything that is related to Arkansas African American History. For more information about our scope of collecting, please go to the Artifact Donation page.
Cultural Center signifies that we offer more than just static art pieces; we offer interactive exhibits that pay tribute to music, the performing arts and we host educational events and programs.
The word templar means a member of a fraternal organization.
The Mosaic Templars Cultural Center is a museum of the Division of Arkansas Heritage dedicated to telling the story of the Arkansas's African American history.
The mission of the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center is to preserve, interpret and celebrate African American history and culture in Arkansas.
Our programs are educational and fun for the whole family. For more information, go to the Education section for more information on the educational programs we offer.

The Mosaic Templars Cultural Center is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.


Field Trips

Question: Should we put that “Because of the pandemic, school groups are asked to call ahead for touring information.” Or something? Also, another question: The link inside this goes to the MTCC’s old webpage for the form. Won’t this go away? Can we add the form directly to this page?

The original building was constructed in 1913 with the Annex following in 1918. The State Temple Building was erected in 1921.
We are located on West Ninth and Broadway Streets in downtown Little Rock. See Maps and Directions Page.