First Ladies of Arkansas: Women of Their Times

First Ladies of Arkansas: Women of Their Times

"Linked together, we are more powerful than any of us could ever be alone. We can change the world!" - Betty Bumpers


"First Ladies of Arkansas: Women of Their Times" explores the lives and accomplishments of governors' wives throughout Arkansas's history and contains the largest exhibition of first ladies' gowns outside the Smithsonian.

The gowns on exhibit include some of the dresses that recently went through a significant conservation process. The museum received an Outstanding Conservation Work Award from the Arkansas Museum Association in 2017 for efforts in conserving and preserving these gowns.


The newly-renovated exhibit also includes video interviews with many of Arkansas's first ladies, detailing their accomplishments and efforts during their time as First Lady of Arkansas.

Gowns in the exhibit include those worn by: Susan Hutchinson, Ginger Beebe, Barbara Pryor, Hillary Clinton, Mabel Martineau, Elizabeth Little, Ewilda Robinson, Anne McMath, Betty Tucker, Gay White, Jeannette Rockefeller, Alta Faubus, Anne Brough, Betty Bumpers, Janet Huckabee, Margaret Cherry, and Eula Terral.

historic dresses in glass display cases in center of exhibit