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Brande Wilkerson

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The purpose of my work is to invoke a vision of a futuristic world that invites you to take part. I like to include many geometric features, clean lines, and a neutral pleasing palette rich in metallics with high reflectivity. When the viewer encounters my work, I want them to see my inspirations of industrial architecture, digital technology, futuristic battle armor tempered with timeless style. I prefer working with mixed media elements and enjoy exploring new materials frequently. My works are gender neutral, and fit a variety of spaces well. The new INDUSTRIAL INTERACTIVE collection is a series of steel wall art mounts with individual puzzle-like emblems that are inter-changeable. The pieces can be personalized by the owner of the piece to create a solid fit together pattern for display or separated. Additional emblem pieces will be available soon to keep your piece ever changing and refreshed as the future reveals itself.