Food Hall of Fame Watch Party 101

Food Hall of Fame Watch Party 101
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Arkansas Food Hall of Fame
Saturday, January 15th 2022
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Arkansas Food Hall of Fame

On Feb. 7, Arkansas Heritage will announce the winners of the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame. Normally, we’d welcome one and all to the Ron Robinson Theater in downtown Little Rock for this festive event but, COVID numbers are rising, and so we are encouraging only our finalists and their plus one to attend this year. Does this mean you’re going to miss out? Not in the least!   FHOF Blog 5 logo plate

Join us virtually by registering here. But don’t just join us online to celebrate Arkansas’s food culture and heritage, make it a watch party with your crew.  

  • Savor the night with a favorite food theme. After all, we’re celebrating the best in Arkansas’s food industry, including the food of the year (to be announced on Jan. 24). 

  • Get festive! You may be on Zoom with hundreds of others watching so stand out with a party atmosphere.  

  • Have a well-lit space and plenty of room for participants to spread out.  

  • During the online event, mute your audio unless you are called upon.  

  • Don’t forget about beverages. Try a specialty cocktail or mocktail recipe that fits your theme. Looking for mocktail inspo? How about this recipe from Historic Arkansas Museum

  • Stay safe! Surround yourself with people you feel comfortable celebrating with and wear masks when appropriate to reduce the spread of COVID.  

The Arkansas Food Hall of Fame is a program of the Division of Arkansas Heritage. The nomination period is open each October and once closed and tallied, a committee of food and history experts meet and select finalists. The finalists are announced, typically, in a mid-late Jan. program followed by the winner announcement in Feb. There are four categories up for grabs each year: Proprietor of the Year, Food-Themed Event, Gone But Not Forgotten and People’s Choice.  
A favorite component of the Food Hall of Fame Website is the list of past nominees, finalists and winners along with the ability to download our app. So the next time your family says, “What’s for dinner?” or your girlfriend asks where YOU want to eat, you can log on and pick a restaurant.

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