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Featured Image ANAP Group, Ennis Cave Conservancy, during a volunteer work day at Foushee Cave Natural Area.
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Ryan Spotts

Chief of Land Acquisition and Stewardship

Friday, March 30th 2018
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The Illinois River Watershed Partnership (IRWP) held a volunteer event on March 3 at Cave Springs Cave Natural Area (NA). Volunteers removed invasive plant species from the natural area and the IRWP’s adjoining Watershed Sanctuary.

The IRWP adopted Cave Springs Cave NA through the ANHC’s Adopt a Natural Area Program (ANAP) which pairs adopting groups with local natural areas. The natural area, located in Benton County, hosts the largest known population of the rare Ozark cavefish (Troglichthys rosae).

Foushee Cave Natural Area’s (NA) adopting group, Ennis Cave Conservancy, held a cleanup day at the natural area on March 17. Volunteers removed trash from the area.

Located in Independence County, Foushee Cave NA, includes one of the most biologically significant caves in Arkansas. The northern long-eared bat (threatened, Myotis septentrionalis), the gray bat (endangered, Myotis grisescens), and the Indiana bat (endangered, Myotis sodalis) are known from the site, and the Foushee cavesnail (Amnicola cora) occurs only in this cave system.

For more information about the ANAP, visit our website and fill out an online interest form, or contact Ryan Spotts at [email protected]

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