National History Day Travel Grants


Grant Program Funding

  • The NHD National Contest Travel Grant Program is awarded by the Division of Arkansas Heritage and funded by the one-eighth cent conservation tax.
  • The maximum grant award is $600 per student. 

Grant Program Goals

The Division of Arkansas Heritage has set these goals for National History Day (NHD) Travel Grants:

  • Promote education, awareness and enjoyment of primary and secondary sources of history by Arkansas students
  • Promote experiences and familiarity with libraries, archives, museums and historic sites by Arkansas students
  • Increase ability of Arkansas students to participate in the NHD National Contest


  • All National History Day Travel Grant Requests must be submitted by an Arkansas public school district, charter school or private school invited to participate in the NHD National Contest representing Arkansas. 
  • Requests submitted by parents and/or guardians will NOT be considered. 
  • Funds will be sent to the School/School District by late August.
  • School/School District is responsible for distributing reimbursement to the student(s). 
  • School/School District must verify that 100% of the grant awarded will be used to reimburse students who submit eligible expenses by the deadline.
  • 100% of the grant award must be used to offset expenses related to the cost of the specified student attending NHD National Contest.

All, part or none of the school/school district's request may be awarded.


Matching funds are not required.


Registration/LOI Deadline: May 14, 2024
Completed Submission: June 11-June 28, 2024


Information That Will Need To Be Provided

Registration/LOI: Deadline May 14, 2024

Completed Submission: Deadline June 28, 2024

  • Summary of Student Expenses Form
  • Receipts documenting eligible and actual travel expenses for each student must be submitted through the online portal after students attend the national competition.
    • Receipts/Verified Expenses
      • Provide a summary of each student(s) receipts with the total requested reimbursement. Maximum reimbursement is $600.
      • Create one pdf and upload summaries and copies of receipts for each individual student.
      • Eligible expenses include transportation, lodging and meals.
        • Bank Statements and/or Credit Card Statements are not acceptable forms of documentation.
    • Transportation 
      • Mileage in private vehicle to competition from student's school address to University of Maryland address ($.52/mile) Drivers/Students will need to complete the Certification for Mileage Reimbursement form
      • Airfare: Ticket information must include the student's name.
    • Lodging
      • Receipt from hotel or other lodging. The receipt should reference the student.
    • Meals
      • Receipts for food items purchased by the student for their meal. Receipts including more than one person's meal can not be accepted.
  • 2024 W-9 for School/School District


Apply For Funding

Instructions For Applying Online


Once you have completed the LOGON process, you will enter the ACCESS CODE: NHD

After you enter the Access Code, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue APPLY button.


*New teachers or administrators representing their school/school district and applying for the NHD Travel Grant, please contact the DAH grants manager for assistance in creating an account.