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Department of Arkansas Heritage - Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The coffee scene in downtown Bentonville.

By Lyndi Fultz

The coffee scene in downtown Bentonville. By Lindi Fultz

One may wonder why there is a need for so many coffee shops within a few blocks of the town square. In a city where the town square is alive and vibrant, there is no need to wonder. One simply needs to surrender to the intoxicating brews and pick a coffee shop depending on your mood. In Bentonville, there are four coffee vibes waiting for you.

Joyhouse Coffee Company
307 S Main St #102

Even without the word “joy” in it, Joyhouse instantly puts you in a joyful mood the moment you step inside. Bright yellow pops of color, comfy cozy chairs by the fireplace and a cheerful interior seems to have its own personality to welcome you into its fold. The Star is a popular drink with espresso, star of anise, vanilla and cinnamon. Ask to have it served in one of their bright yellow cups and drink the happy.

Mauricio’s 410 SW A Street (inside Bike Rack Brewing)

410 SW A Street (inside Bike Rack Brewing)

Mauricio’s is transitioning its name from 211 Café to Mauricio’s. And why shouldn’t they? Mauricio’s is the larger than life and loveable proprietor of 211 Café and if you want to find a coffee shop where you feel like home and are immediately embraced as if you are family, this is your coffee shop. And Mauricio is your man. Little Italy is a drink you absolutely must order and then watch the preparation as it dances before your very eyes. The acidic reaction between mineral water and coffee is a marvel. As you sip on your coffee, pull up a chair and ask Mauricio about his beloved Guatemala and before you know it you’ve fallen under the Mauricio Coffee spell.

Heroes Coffee Company 124 SW 8th Street

Heroes Coffee Company
124 SW 8th Street

For those times when you want to meet someone for the first time or prefer to have a little privacy as you chat over coffee, Heroes is your hero. The atmosphere is both dark and cozy as well as open and welcoming. Whether you feel like a couch, a hidden nook, an open seat or a private-space-for-one, Heroes is your spot. Order the popular Honey Salted Caramel drink with creamy flavors of caramel, sea salt and honey and kick back and enjoy.

Onyx Coffee Lab100 NW 2nd St Suite 106

Onyx Coffee Lab
100 NW 2nd St Suite 106

Now, if you went on popularity alone, Onyx is THE quintessential coffee shop located just a few steps from the Bentonville Square. Onyx is where you go to see, be seen and see some more. The vibe has a community feel where you can comfortably get lost in the crowd. If you are headed to Onyx to read or get work done, I highly recommend you bring your headphones. I also highly recommend the Onyx Delight, their signature latte of vanilla, honey and cinnamon. Have them serve it in a mug for you because let’s face it; coffee always tastes better in a mug.

onyx inside

Lyndi Fultz is a small-town foodie exploring her backyard and encouraging others to do the same. She believes in spreading the message that eating well is truly one of the most joyful pleasures of living. She writes a popular food blog titled, NWA Foodie. Check it out here! NWAFoodie is a hub for food happiness and the joy of eating well. Lyndi focuses on the simplicity of fresh ideas when it comes to the exploration of food, eating, and enjoying life. Her blog conveys a sense of joy, curiosity and wonder of all the touch points of eating coupled with a fun and upbeat tone, pulling readers into a welcoming foodie fold that has none of the usual snobbery.