Juneteenth in the Delta at the Delta

Juneteenth in the Delta at the Delta
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Delta Cultural Center
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Jun 19, 10:00AM
Jun 19, 11:00AM
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Delta Cultural Center 141 Cherry Street Helena, Arkansas 72342
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African Americans played a pivotal role in the cultural and historical significance of the Arkansas Delta. Meet Edmond Davis, assistant history professor at Arkansas Baptist College, as he discusses the importance of African American men and women in the Delta and how their works impacted future generations.

Edmond Davis has been an assistant professor of history at several colleges and universities and is currently employed at Arkansas Baptist College in Little Rock. Mr. Davis is also an author, speaker, and social historian. In addition, he has been featured speaker at numerous state events and national education conferences. 

For more information, please contact education coordinator Richard Spilman at (870) 338-5641 or [email protected]

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