GetSmART! Learning Series: How to Sell Out Venues (and Get Invited Back!)

GetSmART! Learning Series: How to Sell Out Venues (and Get Invited Back!)
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Arkansas Arts Council
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Oct 26, 05:00AM
Oct 26, 07:00AM
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2500 W. 7th Street, Little Rock, Arkansas, US
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Event Contact

Scarlet Sims

Artist Services Manager

Make your music work for you! Join longtime musicians and entrepreneurs Veronica Wirges and Chris Long, aka Monsterboy LIVES, to learn how to get the music gig; how to make it successful; and what to do to get invited back.

Being a successful musician takes more than great music, it takes persistence and professionalism. This workshop will help musicians break into new music venues; discover marketing strategies that work long term; attract and build a loyal audience; find new tactics for getting noticed in Arkansas and other states; hear about mistakes that will get you off the “hire again” lists; and learn about opportunities, including grants, for musicians.  

This workshop will be Wednesday, Oct. 26, 5-7 p.m. at The White Water Tavern, located at 2500 W. 7th Street in Little Rock. It will be presented in-person and Zoom.

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Monsterboy LIVES 

Chris Long was raised on the blues of the Delta South and learned every instrument in rock during various projects. Veronica Wirges is a classically trained saxophonist and pianist with a love for African tribal instrumentation. It is as odd of a match, musically, as you could marry. So that is what they did, quite literally. They met, fell in love, and said I do. 
What to expect? A bit of a Frankenstein's Monster, an alchemy of genres that somehow works together and has a life all its own. You'll hear synths, guitars and saxophones, including a 100-year-old 5-foot-tall bass saxophone named “Sweet Connie.” You'll find the band’s eclectic tastes reflected in the world percussion and EDM elements in their work. The use of found sounds to create beats and production. All to create an indie sound uniquely their own.  
Monsterboy LIVES is about how two peculiar people, madly in love, are finding themselves and their way through this world together. Their journey speaks to hopeless romantics, band nerds, and creative spirits.  

About White Water Tavern 

White Water Tavern, located in Capitol View/Stift Station, is a historically significant music venue founded in 1977 and is among the state’s longest running. WWT historically has drawn a diverse customer base and offers all genres of music. Further, popular musicians from all over the country have played at WWT, but the venue also supports local and upcoming musicians and visual artists through performances, events and community outreach. Read more at  

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