GetSmART! Learning Series: Using Podcasting as a Creative’s Tool

GetSmART! Learning Series: Using Podcasting as a Creative’s Tool
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Arkansas Arts Council
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Aug 27, 10:00AM
Aug 27, 01:00PM
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400 W. Capitol Ave. Suite 2848, Little Rock, AR
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Event Contact

Scarlet Sims

Artist Services Manager


The Arkansas Arts Council is pleased to team with consulting expert Ti King and artist-business expert Elizabeth Silverstein to create a workshop dedicated to the ins and outs of podcasting targeting Arkansas creatives Saturday, August 27 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at American Business Engine located at 400 West Capitol Avenue, #2848 in Little Rock.

Registration is free but required at There is a limited seating capacity so register now! This workshop will be available online as well.

Join King as he leads participants through “How to Start Podcasting.” From concept to production, King will lead creatives through the process in a hands-on environment and will show what it takes to bring a podcast idea to life.  

Silverstein will get creative about using podcasts without creating one and show creatives the pros and cons of podcasting, as well as alternatives to creating a podcast. Learn ways to market yourself as an artist for podcasters; get an interview on existing podcasts; and delve into podcast profitability for creatives. 

Participants will learn how to decide content, get started in podcasting, find their voices, add video and distribute and market podcasts. Facilitators will lead participants through the technical jargon, talk about host feeds and platforms, recording tips, scheduling and more.  

This workshop is to help Arkansas creatives learn about the pros and cons, storytelling techniques, work involved in podcasting and how to capitalize on a national podcasting trend.  

This three-hour course will prepare attendees for the upcoming Arkansas Podcast Convention on Sept. 8. Learn more about the conference and get a ticket at  


About the Facilitators 

Ti King is a social media manager, web designer and networking expert at American Business Engine. He focuses on results by building relationships with clients and adapting his strategies to new data and insights. King is an organizer for the upcoming statewide podcasting conference and is the founder of several podcasts in Arkansas. He has experience as a guest on podcasts, including Healthy Business, and hosts The Station podcast online. 

Elizabeth Silverstein got her start in media by taking a newspaper elective in college — a course she almost dropped. By the second semester of her freshman year, she was on payroll as the managing editor of the college newspaper, The Slate, and she’s been working at a furious pace ever since. She’s been a professional writer for 17 years and a full-time, certified dog trainer with her own business, Telltail Dog Training, for two years. She is a self-taught podcaster for four years. She hosts two interview-based podcasts: Sustaining Craft, a podcast that features those who make some or all of their income from their art or craft, and Telltail Dog, a sort of weekly podcast for her dog training business. She’s figured out how to use her media skills and learn new ones in a way that makes sense for her and her business, and she’s excited to share what she’s learned along the way when it comes to interviewing, speaking and podcasting. 

About GetSmART! Learning Series 

GetSmART! is a series of workshops that cover arts-related topics for individual creatives and arts organizations. The program was created in 2014 and is designed to provide affordable professional development, training and networking opportunities to Arkansas creatives.  

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