AHPP Historic Preservation Plan (In Person)

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AHPP Historic Preservation Plan (In Person)
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Arkansas Historic Preservation Program
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Feb 09, 01:00PM
Feb 09, 02:00PM
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Reynolds Center, Room 2005
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Event Contact

Event Contact

Travis Ratermann

Survey Historian

The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program (AHPP) will be conducting public meetings to discuss the State Preservation Plan. The agency is tasked with reviewing the plan and making modifications to it every five years and the current plan can be viewed at https://bit.ly/3id07YI.
Meetings will take place in person unless otherwise noted:

To obtain a login for the Microsoft Teams meetings please contact Travis Ratermann, National Register Survey Historian, at [email protected] or 501-324-9874.
The AHPP also has a survey available for public input. The survey is in both English and Spanish and can be completed here https://bit.ly/3cflW6b. Input from the public is valuable in creating goals and plans for 2022-2025.

Arkansas Historic Preservation Program
AHPP is an agency of Arkansas Heritage responsible for identifying, evaluating, registering and preserving the state’s cultural resources.

Arkansas Heritage
Arkansas Heritage was created in 1975. There are eight agencies with unique heritage focuses under the umbrella of this division: Arkansas Arts Council, Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, the Delta Cultural Center in Helena, the Old State House Museum, the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, the Historic Arkansas Museum and the Arkansas State Archives. Jimmy Bryant serves as director of the division while Stacy Hurst is the secretary of the Department of Arkansas Parks, Heritage and Tourism.

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