Building For Tomorrow: E.C. Morris, Centennial Church and the Black Baptists

Featured Image Rev. Elias Camp Morris
Building For Tomorrow: E.C. Morris, Centennial Church and the Black Baptists
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Delta Cultural Center
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Aug 28, 02:00PM
Aug 28, 03:30PM
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DCC Visitor Center 141 Cherry Street Helena, Arkansas 72342
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Event Contact

Event Contact

Drew Ulrich

Exhibit Curator

Grand Opening Reception for the new state of the art exhibition encompassing the trials and fortitude of African American Baptists under the leadership of Rev. Elias Camp Morris of Helena. At this ceremony, DCC Curator Drew Ulrich will provide a synopsis of the development of the exhibition-a long overdue historical examination of the role of African American Baptists' active pursuit of racial uplift in the late 19th century and early 20th centuries, directed by their spiritual leaders, notably the Rev. Elias Camp Morris. Additional speakers will deliver remarks regarding the outcomes that Morris and his multitude of collaborators, particularly the National Baptist Convention, achieved with their idealistic efforts. Afterwards, all will be invited to engage with the exhibition's contents which include audio/visual interactives, a precise recreated figure of Morris at his podium, assertive artifacts, and illustrative text and images that provide a strong scholastic discourse. For more information: please contact DCC Curator Drew Ulrich at 870-338-5649 

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