Heritage Month Grant Guidelines & Application

Grant Program Goals

The Department of Arkansas Heritage has set these goals for Arkansas Heritage Month Grants:

  • promote awareness and enjoyment of Arkansas’s heritage
  • increase community-based and non-profit groups’ abilities to create Heritage Month programs
  • make Heritage Month programs possible where they would otherwise not occur
  • foster cooperative efforts among organizations, businesses and government to increase the size or scope of events
  • create ongoing components to Heritage Month celebrations: a curriculum or teaching tool, exhibits, displays, a lively event that can recur, a photographic essay, a roadside exhibit, etc. 


A 1:3 match is required from the applicant. This means the applicant supplies at least one dollar for every three grant dollars. The applicant supplies one-fourth of the total project cost. The match may be supplied from cash sources and/or in-kind contributions (volunteer hours, salaries or other contributed sources, or a combination of cash and in-kind contributions). Arkansas Heritage Month Grants may not be matched with funds from any other grant from the Department of Arkansas Heritage or one of its agencies, or the Mid-America Arts Alliance. Grants are up-front, and funds are released by the Governor after a selection committee makes its recommendations.

Evaluation Criteria

Arkansas Heritage Month Grants come from a limited funding source, so not every applicant can be funded. Since that is the case, certain criteria have been established for making Arkansas Heritage Month Grants to include:

  • your organization’s relationship to your local community
  • the degree to which the proposed project reflects the Heritage Month theme for the current grant year
  • the local or statewide impact of the project
  • whether the program results in an ongoing or lasting component
  • the degree to which the project shows collaboration and cooperation among community organizations
  • the degree to which the project will foster heritage tourism development
  • your organization’s mission and sources of income 

Arkansas Heritage Month Grants will not

  • exceed $5,000
  • fund academic research unless the research results in an ongoing component that can be shared by the community
  • be made to for-profit organizations or events, or directly to agencies of local, county, federal or state government (though collaborative efforts, i.e., friends groups, involving state government agencies are acceptable)
  • fund programs or events that disregard the need to preserve, protect or conserve historic sites, structures, artifacts and the environment, or are outside of accepted professional museum or environmental standards
  • fund infrastructure (bricks and mortar) construction, staff salaries (although contracted personnel may be paid with grant funds), travel by paid staff members (although travel for contracted personnel is allowed)
  • fund capital outlay (e.g., office equipment, computers, cameras and furniture)
  • fund ongoing operating costs of the organization.

Decision Process

  • The Arkansas Heritage Month Grant application process is designed to assist communities in planning and implementing meaningful Arkansas Heritage Month programs and events at the local level.
  • Grant proposals will be reviewed by a panel of Department of Arkansas Heritage agency directors or their designees. This panel will make funding recommendations. Successful applicants will be notified in early March.
  • Anyone with questions about the application criteria or decision-making process should call Debra Fithen, Grants Manager at the Department of Arkansas Heritage, (501) 324-9158 or e-mail [email protected].

Application Basics

Your Arkansas Heritage Month Grant proposal should show familiarity with the theme and grant guidelines, the goals of Arkansas Heritage Month and the mission of the Department of Arkansas Heritage, which is to identify Arkansas’s heritage and enhance the quality of life by the discovery, preservation and presentation of the state’s natural, cultural and historic resources. The grants will be evaluated against the goals of the Arkansas Heritage Month Grant Program criteria. Other evaluation criteria are listed below.

Requests for funding will include completing the following sections of the online application:

  • Project Overview 
  • Project Description and Justification 
  • Line Item Budget/Budget Explanation 
  • Agreement and Authorization

Your answers may be brief. Please use the space provided as directed in the application process. If you have questions about preparing an Arkansas Heritage Month Grant application, contact Debra Fithen, Grants Manager at the Department of Arkansas Heritage at (501) 324-9158.

Application Deadline

Must be Submitted using the Online Application Process.
Deadline: no later than 4:30 p.m. December 11, 2017.

Emails and/or Faxes of Applications WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

Application Timeline

Arkansas Heritage Month Grants will be disbursed and spent before June 15 of the grant year for which the grant is received, and a Final Project Report and Budget Report will be due July 30. Only ONE Arkansas Heritage Month Grant will be made to any one organization during any given grant year. Grant recipients will be required to participate in an orientation program prior to receipt of award at a place and time specified by the Department of Arkansas Heritage.

Online Application Instructions



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If you have never applied for an online account with any Department of Arkansas Heritage program, click on “Create New Account.”
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The following are NOT needed to apply for Heritage Month Grants:
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