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Arkanstories graphic novel segments are ready to “fly” into your classroom. Add pizazz to your Arkansas studies lessons by using these framework driven segments! The segments are also correlated to the lesson plans and Power Points available on the Department of Arkansas Heritage website. Click on the buttons below to access the segments!

Arkansas Counties

Students will travel with Katie and Kris to discover the 75 counties in Arkansas and distinguish in which county they personally live.

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Flag and Gem of Arkansas

Find out what symbol is on Kris’s t-shirt and how it is related to our state gem.

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How Arkansas Got Its Name

This episode introduces two of the main characters of the ArkanStories graphic novel series. Cam and Katie will explain how Arkansas got it’s name!

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Neighbors of Arkansas

Can states have neighbors? They certainly can; Arkansas has six. Fly with Kris and Katie and a new character, Cameron T. Little III to find out our neighbors!

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What is the Capital of Arkansas?

Travel with the trio, Kris, Katie and Cameron T. Little III to see the capital city and capitol building of Arkansas.

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Where is Arkansas?

This episode introduces two of the main characters of the Arkanstories graphic novel series. Kris and Katie will explain where Arkansas is located on a U.S. map! Geography is interesting!

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