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NEW CATEGORY: Gone But Not Forgotten

Department of Arkansas Heritage - Friday, October 06, 2017

We are proud to announce a new category for the 2018 Arkansas Food Hall of Fame, Gone But Not Forgotten. This is the fifth category and gives Arkansans the chance to honor the collective culinary legacy of a once-and-always influential Arkansas restaurant that has since ceased operations.

The reason for the closure is not important. It is the influence that the food and/or those who prepared it still have on other restaurants that matters. Take a fond trip down memory lane to nominate an old favorite!

Think about those tastes from your childhood or that one dish you wish you could have one last “thyme.” There’s so “mushroom” in this category for your vote! We’ve already received nominations for restaurants such as, Arthur’s Barbecue in Pine Bluff, La Scala and the Afterthought Bistro and Bar. For more restaurants that might spark your memory, check out this post from the Mighty Rib. Don’t see your favorite on this list? Make sure to go to the nomination form and vote for that restaurant that will always have a “pizza” your heart.