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REGIONS - Crowley's Ridge

Crowley's Ridge is the smallest geographical region in the lowlands. It is in the eastern part of Arkansas and completely surrounded by the Delta, but it differs from the Delta in many ways. Bluff cut through loess by stream - photo by Tom FotiIt is rises up to 200 feet higher than the Delta and can be seen for miles around in the flat fields of eastern Arkansas. During the Pleistocene Era, Get the official Department of Arkansas Heritage screensaverthe rivers did not remove all of the ocean-bottom material left behind when the Gulf of Mexico withdrew. Afterwards, the ridge was covered with a dust called loess (pronounced "luss"). This made the ridge taller and more rugged. Through the years, water has cut through the ridge which now maintains an upland character like that found in the Ozarks.. Hardwood forests with oaks, hickories and the tulip tree are found. Streams flow rapidly through the area.

Some of the largest communities of eastern Arkansas including Jonesboro, Forrest City, Helena and Wynne are located on Crowley's Ridge. Many families live on the ridge, but rely on the local farming economy of the adjacent Delta for their livelihood. On the ridge, peach orchards, gravel mines and the St. Francis National Forest can be found.

The greatest concern facing citizens living on Crowley's Ridge is erosion. Loess erodes and gullies can quickly form and give way to landslides. Although it is the smallest, it is one of the most unusual geographic regions of the state.

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