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Discover Arkansas State History

The story of Arkansas is the story of its people, of their life and times as they journey from yesterday, through today and onward to tomorrow. From those who have shaped the political landscape to those who till the land to feed their neighbors, Arkansans from all walks of life have each played a part in the story of history in Arkansas. And we love to tell the story.

Politics - Examine political history in Arkansas from a Native American nation to the Old State House and into the 20th century, including U.S. senators Dale Bumpers and David Pryor, President Bill Clinton, and African Americans in Arkansas politics.

Military - Discover facts about Native American Indian conflicts, the Civil War and Arkansas's contribution during the world wars.

Regions - Study the diverse geographic regions in the state of Arkansas: Ozark Mountains, Arkansas Valley, Ouachita Mountains, Gulf Coastal Plain, the Mississippi Delta and the unique Crowley's Ridge.

Counties - Explore Arkansas state history by county. How many of Arkansas's 75 counties have you visited?