Heritage Month

May is Arkansas Heritage Month

Each year, we encourage all Arkansans to celebrate, discover and enjoy our state’s heritage during May.

Since 1982, Arkansans have celebrated Heritage Month with festivals, special studies, concerts,nature walks, tours and much more! Arkansans host scores of events in communities across the state, all proudly proclaiming the message that Arkansas heritage is worth knowing and celebrating.

2016 Theme

Arkansas Arts: Celebrating our Creative Culture

Arkansas is blessed with a wide array of talented artists as well as a population that appreciates art. From local arts and crafts fairs to community theater productions to the nationally recognized Crystal Bridges Museum in northwest Arkansas, there’s something for everyone in our state.

To plan an event, exhibit or activity, think about what makes your area special. Is there an arts organization in your community that could host an event? Is there an artist from your area who is well-known? How do the arts improve and enhance the quality of life in your part of the state? Plan an event highlighting or celebrating the special contributions your town or city makes to the overall arts experience in Arkansas. Plan a festival that will make your town or city proud, or that will bring visitors in to experience the arts and culture that you offer. Whatever you choose to present, focus on what will honor your town and its people. Create something that will celebrate authentic Arkansas and make others want to come and learn more about your region’s way of life.


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Future Heritage Months:

  • 2017 – Old State House Museum
  • 2018 – Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
  • 2019 – Bicentennial of Arkansas becoming a U.S. Territory (Historic Arkansas Museum)
  • 2020 – Mosaic Templars Cultural Center
  • 2021 – Arkansas Historic Preservation Program